Interactive Art

An Immersive Digital Art Experience

Mindplant transcends the conventional definitions of art – it's an interactive multimedia creation that breaks barriers and is accessible to art enthusiasts worldwide. In an era of advancing online technology, digital media offers a canvas for boundless creative exploration. Iman Irannejad, a digital media artist, leverages contemporary technologies like the online web development platform to realise his artistic vision in a unique manner.

Iman, well-versed in digital media, conceived the idea of employing a website as a medium for his art. During his residency in Berlin, Germany, he decided to bring this concept to life. The project, aptly named Mindplant, chronicles the growth of his ideas and emotions during his stay in Berlin, combining photographs taken on his phone, excerpts from his journal, and the music that accompanied him.

Upon visiting, visitors are greeted by a captivating looping video of Berlin airport, recorded by Iman upon his arrival on June 5th, 2023. By clicking on this portal, audiences embark on a journey through a captivating blend of moving images, soundscapes, and text, mirroring the fluidity of the artist's thoughts. However, the viewer's experience is not passive; they can shape their encounter with the site by selecting different paths through the artwork, leading them to unique images, sounds, and ideas.

For Iman Irannejad, Mindplant represents the initial stages of a more extensive artistic exploration. Similar to a seed that gradually matures into a sprawling tree, he envisions the further development of his concept. Mindplant invites you to step into the artist's mind, navigate through the intricacies of his creativity, and interact with the digital landscape he has crafted.