Leaving My Job
April 03, 2023

This isn't the first day that I've left my well-paying, easy job to try to be an artist, but it is the first time I'm writing about it here. I stopped going to work two weeks ago but it took me that long to find a suitable studio, move my painting tools, and set up this blog.

I really like my studio set up here. In fact, I took a photo yesterday and now it's the background image of the website's home page. It's a non-profit, messy creative area that I had to apply for and be approved for, and still pay $110 a week for 12 square meter which is good deal. I started looking for a place about a month ago and this was the first place I saw. At the time, I thought no way, I want a clean space with lots of natural light but after two weeks of looking, I found out that this is actually the best place for me now! So, I'm happy with my set up.

I needed a place to go to in the mornings. For most of my adult life, I haven't worked as a full-time office worker except for the last two years, and know how down I can get if I don't have a second place, a work place if you will, to run to in the morning. So this time, I tried to set it up beforehand. So, what's the plan?

Since I moved to Sydney, Australia from Tehran, Iran at the age of 23 in 2010, I've been chasing stability and economic freedom. I'm not talking about a beach house with a warm water pool and traveling around the world, I'm talking about rent and food. Ok! Comfortable rent, food, and a trip every now and then. I remember crying about it four years ago. Then two years ago, I was able and lucky to get a job that paid top-dollar for what I knew: videography. So I had everything I wanted for a long time, and that was a happy ending for my life!

Of course not! This was the problem. There was no ending. Not only was not finished, but I was just almost 35 and didn't want to set my life for the second half just yet. So, what did I want? The thing that amused me since I was a kid and no one, including myself, took it seriously or even thought it was possible. Being an artist. Meaning, just creating what I want to create. Even now, it sounds stupid, but it's something real in the reality of life. There are people doing that, why not me? I guess I just want to explore and experience new territories rather than sticking to safe, known paths to feel alive.

So, this is the plan. I left my job for 6 months (unpaid), got this studio, and want to paint or even do more. Who knows? Apart from painting, I have written two novels and some short stories (all in Persian), and at the end of the day, I wanted to be a filmmaker and worked as a videographer for years. So, I don't feel like it now, coming out of the video work just recently, but I might make some video art as well.

PS: I know everything sounds crazy in this post, even the language. Hopefully, it gets better as we go along.