What is good art?
April 10, 2023

My plan is to write here every day. Obviously I wouldn't do that every day, but wanting to write every day will make me write more. I always run away from what must be done. I might sometimes do a lot and go the extra mile for anything, but the regular everyday tasks have always been difficult. To an extent that sometimes I think it is not normal nor just simple laziness. As soon as I need to do something that I do not want to do, it becomes so hard that most of the time I don't do it or not do it completely.

The good news is I want to write here. But it has to have a structure and goal. That is the part that I would probably face some problems. OK, I remember since I was 10 I was writing stuff like this. Enough. I will write. If I could give it a structure, better. If not, I will just write.

I started looking at some famous contemporary painters and what is common between all is none of them is normal! :) But what is normal? I was an art student. I have heard the story. I actually love modern and postmodern art. One story is the invention of photography. But no painting is like a photo. I mean paintings before photography, not the one that the artist deliberately tries to reproduce a photo called hyper-realistic. The point is even classic paintings are not like a photo. They have different texture and quality of color. So why are they not as popular as the experimental (I call them this) painting?

I do not know much about the Art world or better say the business side of the Art world. It must have something to do with this. But maybe one reason is on the flip side when an art like those gets famous, artists cannot say "I could have done that!" Meaning when an artist experiments and finds a unique style, it is worth more because it is new and exclusive. It looks like after the Renaissance, there has been an accelerating race to do something new. I might not be wrong to say it slowed down after the 20th century as it seems there are no more fundamental new things to do anymore. I guess people thought like this always. Better to say everyone doing something new, and doing something new is not new anymore.

Anyway. I really like a contemporary painting, abstract or realistic, or anywhere between those or beyond as long as it is good! :) But what is a good painting or an artwork? When Duchamp put the urinal in that exhibition, it was a good art and it is not anymore if someone repeat it.

Sometimes, it seems if people talk smart enough about a piece, it will be an art. Maybe Duchamp did the same. It is not new anymore anyway. All of these galleries and artworks. "Exploring the idea of..." "Raising question about..." and I stand there trying to find out what new idea has been explored or what novel question has been asked?

If you ask me what is good art, I would definitely tell you there is no answer to that. To me, art is reflecting, literal, imaginary, or even by chance, human existence, and I believe there is no limit to that. Understanding the concept of infinity is proof of that.

PS: the post image is a copy I made from "Girl with White Pearl Earring" by Vermeer that I love even though it is a copy. The cover image is "100 Years AGO" by Peter Doige. It is probably worth millions!