What is my art about?

Perception is an illusion

As an artist, I find myself driven by a desire to express the unique understandings that reside within me. I approach this through a variety of mediums - whether it be painting, writing, or creating videos.

Through my art, I strive to evoke emotion and encourage viewers to contemplate the world I present to them. My creative impulses are rooted in a deep-seated need to share my perspective with others, to create something that resonates with people and sparks a deeper understanding of our shared human experience.

Ultimately, my goal as an artist is to create something that resonates with people on a deep and visceral level - to inspire them to feel and think in ways that they may not have before. My work is a reflection of my appreciation for different forms of human expression.


As a storyteller at heart, I find profound satisfaction in weaving the intricate threads of my personal experiences and those of my community into a captivating narrative. This innate desire to share stories serves as a powerful catalyst for connecting with others on a deeper level, fostering a sense of shared understanding and kinship.

My artistic endeavours revolve around a profound exploration of humanity, manifested through the creation of evocative portraits and figures.

Within the realm of my artistic expression, I seamlessly blend the boundaries between the tangible and the fantastical, breathing life into both real and imaginary characters. These characters traverse surrealistic environments, providing a visually rich backdrop that enhances the storytelling experience.


As a figure painter, I have found that painting humans allows me to see the beauty in humans. The process of creating art is not only aesthetic, but also an emotional and personal one. With each brushstroke, word or frame I am able to study the unique features and expressions of my subject and translate them onto the canvas, page or screen.

Through this process, I am able to connect with my subjects on a deeper level, gaining a greater understanding of their essence.

I believe art is a powerful way to connect with people and bring them together. By representing the truth of my subjects, I hope to inspire others to see the beauty of diversity in the world around them and appreciate the unique qualities that make the world special.

A collection of past paintings


Oil on Canvas

105 x 52 cm


Self-portrait of an immigrant

Oil on Canvas

60 x 40 cm



Oil on Canvas

40 x 60 cm



Oil on Canvas

70 x 50 cm


At night

Oil on Canvas

135 x 125 cm


Portrait of my Love

Oil on Canvas

90 x 60 cm


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About Iman

I am an emerging artist whose artistic journey began with a profound passion for arthouse cinema. As I delved into the realms of cinema and media art, working as a video artist, my love for contemporary art and painting gradually took root and flourished.

Originally being from Iran, my cultural background and personal experiences have profoundly shaped my artwork. Themes such as immigration, women's rights, and freedom have become integral aspects of my artistic expression, adding depth and reflection to my creations.

In addition to painting, I have ventured into various forms of artistic expression, exploring realms such as short films, animation, and video art. Beyond the visual arts, I have also penned two novels in my native Persian language, along with several short stories published online. This diverse range of mediums allows me to convey my ideas and emotions in unique and compelling ways.

Since 2017, my work has been featured in numerous group exhibitions in Iran, Australia, and Germany. Notably, I had the opportunity to present a solo show at Tap Gallery in Sydney, providing a focused platform for my individual artistic expression. Last year, in 2023, I undertook a three-month residency in Berlin, Germany, at Takt Berlin, further refining my skills and vision as an artist.

My artistic exploration extends beyond physical exhibitions, inviting viewers to experience my work on www.mindplant.at, an interactive online art platform. Here, I continue to push the boundaries of artistic expression, creating a space where art and storytelling seamlessly converge.

As an emerging artist, my dedication lies in celebrating the beauty and complexity of the human experience. Through my work, I aim to invite viewers into a richly imaginative world, where each piece narrates a unique story. The diverse colour palette, signature to my paintings, is expressive rather than realistic, creating a visual language that speaks to the emotions and ideas embedded in each piece.

With a fervent passion for expressing my ideas and emotions through various forms of art, I eagerly anticipate the exciting opportunities and growth that lie ahead in my artistic journey. I invite you to explore the evolving narrative of my work, as it continues to unfold and captivate the imagination of those who encounter it.

Iman Irannejad 2023